No matter how long you have been dreaming of taking a journey, as you stand in front of the open suitcase, the scattered clothes, passports, reminding yourself of all the tasks that remain before leaving, doubt and annoyance will certainly assail you. But what if you could think of what lies waiting for you ahead: a little house all to yourself and supportive people making you feel welcome as you walk among unfamiliar faces and places? Then, perhaps, the same hesitancy would turn into enthusiasm: “The true voyagers are only those who leave just to be leaving; hearts light, like balloons. They never turn aside from their fatality. And without knowing why, they always say: Let’s go!” (C. Baudelaire)

The Dimora Elle

Near Cala Gavetta, the old harbour of La Maddalena, with the little fishing vessels, Lateen sails and pleasure yachts moored along the quayside, in Via Vittorio Emanuele, one of the most beautiful streets of the town, Dimora Elle awaits for you on the first floor of a small historical building. This set of three fully equipped apartments is available for short rentals as single units or two-room flats. Surrounded by a festive and busy environment during the summer, when all the chatter and traffic fade and give way to the sound of the wind, Dimora Elle sits absorbed in the winter silence.

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Choose the accommodation that best suits your idea of a holiday. All flats have a separate entrance and a small balcony.

Emotions and Seasons

The journey is never over. Only travelers come to an end. But even then they can prolong their voyage in their memories, in recollections, in stories. When the traveler sat in the sand and declared: “There’s nothing more to see,” he knew it wasn’t true. You have to see what you missed the first time, see again what you already saw, see in springtime what you saw in summer, in daylight what you saw at night, see the sun shining where you saw the rain falling, see the crops growing, the fruit ripen, the stone which has moved, the shadow that was not there before. You have to go back to the footsteps already taken, to go over them again or add fresh ones alongside them. You have to start the journey anew. Always. The traveler sets out once more (Josè Saramago).

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Apartment Facilities

Town view

We are in the heart of the town, on the main street full of services and shops.

Close to the harbour

A stone's throw from the pretty marina for planning your boat trips.


Sheltered from the Mistral wind and with many hours of daylight during the day.

Close to the ferries

You can easily reach the ferry embarkation point for Palau.