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The project resulted in the creation of a new company FULMAR srls to carry out the activity of extra-hotel accommodation in the form of Holiday Rental Homes. The objective was to do this in an innovative way to offer an intermediate product between “serviced apartments” and “guest houses” where one can find additional services while benefiting from the comforts of a warm and welcoming environment. The interventions carried out were transversal, starting with the renovation of the exterior façade and interiors with a redefinition of spaces capable of satisfying the new traveller from both a visual/sensorial and practical point of view with the installation of plant, machinery, equipment and furnishings. Thanks to an aesthetic and functional improvement of the environments including facilities such as business corner services, Wi-fi network, etc., it is possible to intercept business customers in the low season. Interventions in real services, through the strategic mktg plan and the promotional development tools used, allow the company to grow, in the short and medium term, in the right way, and the right image has been given to the company right from the start to make it recognisable on the market. Through the website and promotional-advertising campaigns, the aim is to make the brand known and increase attendance even during the low season.


SOURCE: Unified Programming 2014-2020. Strategy 2 “Creating job opportunities by favouring the competitiveness of enterprises” – Intervention Programme 3 “Competitiveness of enterprises” RDP 2014/2019 – POR Sardegna FESR 2014/2020 – Axis III, Action 3.3.1 – Call for proposals “Aid to new start-up and development enterprises”.

MAIN OBJECTIVE OF THE OPERATION: Increasing competitiveness through aid to businesses in the start-up or development phase


CUP: E23B1900007


AMOUNT FINANCED: € 102,079.76

DATES: Start date: 29/11/2019 – End date 29/12/2022

CONTACTS: fulvia.orecchioni@gmail.com

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